Brexit - don't lose focus on the most vulnerable

Following the Brexit vote and ongoing uncertainty, our CEO Celia Tennant calls for a continued focus on our charitable sector and those whom they serve.

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Whatever else, Brexit now stands for uncertainty, both economically and politically. What we do know is that our most vulnerable and disadvantaged people cannot be forgotten in the midst of the momentous decisions made that will affect all of our futures. In a poll carried out by Third Force News, 89% of respondents believe that Brexit is bad for charities. In this time, it is critical that we don’t lose focus of the vulnerable and those charities who support them.  These are the organisations who work tirelessly to transform the lives of those they work with.

We have been through turmoil before. Inspiring Scotland was founded in the depths of the economic recession in 2008, and have since been working with some of Scotland’s leading charities. We understand that by supporting these organisations to be strategic, resourceful and leaders in their field they can withstand uncertainty and identify the opportunities whilst still focusing on improving the lives of the most disadvantaged in our communities. 

We don’t know what will happen next, nobody does. What is clear is that Scotland’s voluntary sector needs to be in the strongest position possible to tackle social issues which may become tougher. We commit to using all of our experience, abilities and resources to ensure that our charities can and will continue to be focused on those they serve for a stronger Scotland. 

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