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Health Inequalities - time to recognise we're talking about people

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Last week, Holyrood’s Health and Sport Committee released its interim report on health inequalities in Scotland.  Andrew Magowan welcomes this report and suggests people and communities must be a central part to the response.  

To emphasise the significance of the problem, the report starts by highlighting that a boy born today in Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire, can expect to live until he is 82. Yet for a boy born only eight miles away in Calton, east end of Glasgow, life expectancy may be as low as 54 years – a difference of almost half as long again as his whole life.

How droochit folk could influence public sector investment


Andrew Magaowan, shares how our Link Up fund is helping to break down barriers between old and young in communites and outlines the potential for a new type of community to improve lives.  This blog was first published in the Scotsman newspaper on 28th August 2014.  

Equally Well Review 2013

The need for a renewed focus on the development of social capital to tackle health inequalities in Scotland was recognised in a new Scottish Government report published today, 13 March 2014, equally well review 2013.  

We were delighted the Taskforce also chose to include a short case study on Inspiring Scotland’s Link Up programme as an example of best practice in this area.  Here's our short reflection on why Link Up is in the report.  

The enormity of it all. Change is possible


Performance Advisor, Andrew Magowan, writes the first in a series of blogs 'Change is possible' about  Link Up, the asset based programme we've been piloting over the past three years.  Read the full blog here