Delivering Impact

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Our focus is on making a lasting difference. 

In seven years, we've become a world leading venture philanthropy organisation, bringing over £90m of investment to 200+ ventures helping to change the lives of 100,000 people.

"Inspiring Scotland ventures assert that they are more effective delivery organisations as a result of receiving support. 81% of ventures agree or strongly that they are more effective at delivering services due to the support."

Noah J Isserman, Cambridge University Gates Scholar

We use robust evaluation to measure and ensure maximum return on social impact is delivered.  Two independent studies on our impact have been published, the most recent in 2013 by Gates Scholar, Noah J. Isserman, at the University of Cambridge.

The 2013  Independent Academic Research Report found Inspiring Scotland to be an innovative, efficient and effective third sector financing model which strengthens the capacity of the charities it supports.  

Other findings include: 

  • Ventures report improvements across their organisations: 91% report a clearer focus on impact, 84% better impact measurement, 81% better service delivery, 69% better management, 96% better networked and 68% more sustainable.
  • The Inspiring Scotland approach is rigorous and rated by ventures as more engaged than that of any other type of funder.
  • The support Inspiring Scotland provides is highly valuable and the added value created through Inspiring Scotland outweighed the cost of those services.
  • 98% of ventures thought Inspiring Scotland takes a business-like approach to philanthropy.

In 2012, an independent study was commisioned to consider the added value Inspiring Scotland delivers for investors, for the ventures in which we invests and, ultimately, for beneficiaries. The Study completed by Arrivo Consulting Ltd found:

  • For investors, the Inspiring Scotland model has increased the efficiency of their investment and maximised the social impact of their investment.
  • For ventures, the Inspiring Scotland model has built the capacity of entire organisations; creating stronger, more robust and more sustainable ventures. 
  • For beneficiaries, the Inspiring Scotland model has improved the capacity of ventures to deliver outcomes which can change lives.