Reporting Schedule

We understand that it is important to our investors to see the impact that their money is making on the ground. That’s why we’re undertaking to publish a six monthly performance report detailing the key points of progress made and outcomes achieved by our portfolio of ventures.

The reporting cycle will be in Spring, with a report for the previous calendar year, and Autumn, where we will report for the first six months of the calendar year. In addition we want investors to have the opportunity to see the ventures at work first hand. For this reason we are committed to facilitating investor visits to ventures and are happy to arrange this for interested parties.

The ventures themselves will be maintaining a close working relationship with our team of Performance Advisors throughout the lifetime of our investment, reporting on their successes and facing up to challenges as they arise.  

Detailed quarterly reviews are undertaken with each venture in the portfolios, and we are working with them on a balanced scorecard approach to reporting on performance.  This rigorous approach means we can drive delivery of outcomes across the portfolio.

Our aim is to be transparent and open and to focus on the outcomes of each investment made.