Fund Advisory Group

Alongside the Inspiring Scotland team, there are some additional resources working for the benefit of our portfolio ventures.

The Fund Advisory Group is a  coalition of experts, working unpaid, offers a range of benefits to the core Inspiring Scotland team from knowledge input on theme issues, advice on social investment, to developing learning, building understanding, and bringing entrepreneurial input. The Fund Advisory Group meets regularly and assists with wider fund management in an advisory rather than decision making role.

The 14:19 Fund Advisory Group:

Paul Ballantyne - Paul is a former Civil Servant with experience in designing and delivering education and employability initiatives.

David Metcalfe - David has been involved with a number of initiatives focused on employability and currently works in commercial banking.

Alison MacLachlan - Alison is UK Manager for the Wood Family Trust.

Jim Goodall - Jim is former Head of Education and Community Services at Clackmannanshire Council.

Michelle Fenwick  has been developing and leading Employability and Skills projects for 6 years, managing the Edinburgh Guarantee employer engagement activity over the last 2 years.  Michelle brings this experience to the 14:19 Fund Advisory group along with her passion for building relationships, employability, social inclusion and skills development and challenging the hearts and minds of the city's business folk to think positively about youth talent. Michelle Joined the Advisory group in 2015.  

Angelina Lombardo is Head Teacher of Woodlands School in Edinburgh and is passionate about helping young people to succeed and make a good transition from school to the next stage of their life.  With over 20 years’ experience in the education sector, Angelina’s experience and knowledge is a valuable asset to the advisory group and the 14:19 Fund.  Angelina joined the advisory group in 2015.