Play Rangers

Go2play Playrangers Master

In 2015, the Go2Play Play Ranger Fund is supporting Scottish Charities to develop new, or expand existing, play ranger provision for vulnerable children and disadvantaged groups and to support the outcomes sought in Scotland’s Play Strategy.

Nine ventures have been carefully seelcted  to form a new Play Ranger portfolio tasked with helping more children in disadvantaged communities benefit from outdoor play.

The ventures will work in partnership to bring Play Rangers to communities in Edinburgh, Glasgow, South Ayrshire and for the first time ever, to the streets and parks of Dundee and Midlothian.

The successful Play Ranger Projects:

  • Dundee Play Ranger Collaboration – Aberlour Childcare Trust (lead partner) alongside Leisure and Culture Dundee.
  • Glasgow, Govanhill Play – The Jeely Piece Club and Crossreach Daisychain.
  • Edinburgh Play Ranger Collaborative – Smart Play Network, (lead partner) Canongate Youth Project, North Edinburgh Arts and Edinburgh Leisure.
  • South Ayrshire – Aberlour Childcare Trust
  •  Midlothian – Midlothian Association of Play

In addition, Go2Play aims to roll out the play ranger model nationally, upscaling activity and knowledge across Scotland. A Play Ranger Toolkit was developed by ventures previously supported by Go2Play and is a toolk for the sector.  

Play Rangers provide opportunities to access free play provision within a community - on street corners, in local parks or woodland. They encourage children to attend the free open access sessions and provide a comfort to parents/carers who may not be able to normally allow or enable their children to play outside. Although play rangers are qualified play workers, the play at these sessions is facilitated and encouraged by the play rangers but not led by them.