What We Aim To Do

Link Up aims to invest in, energise and support local communities.

By working in partnership and across 10 diverse communities, Link Up aims to find and evidence ways that individuals and communities can build their social connections and help and trust each other. We aim to see how this can help to enhance their view of themselves and the community they live in.

How does Link Up work?

The Link Up approach is being piloted with partners in 10 communities across Scotland.

In each community a charity has been selected as a Host Organisation to partner Inspiring Scotland. Each Host Organisation has employed a local worker to support the community and facilitate activities where people in the community can come together.

Inspiring Scotland is working with the host organisations and local workers to facilitate evaluation and to maximise the sharing of learning and good practice between communities. Steering groups involving local residents and agencies have also been established in each area to facilitate links, accelerate connections and spot opportunities in each community.

What will the local worker do?

The local worker is working with residents to facilitate activities that bring different groups of people together to participate and contribute on an equal footing. They are doing this by:

  • Supporting individuals and communities to identify local strengths, abilities and assets
  • Initiating opportunities for activities where people help each other using these strengths
  • Using these opportunities and activities for groups of people within communities to get to know more people, and form relationships, share experiences, skills and knowledge
  • Nurturing the development of these activities in order that they continue to be sustained from within the communities

How is Link Up different to other Funds?

Link Up is the fourth Inspiring Scotland programme which - unlike previous funds - is being delivered in partnership with Host Organisations in communities across Scotland. Inspiring Scotland is more directly involved in delivery of the programme, providing hands-on support to local workers from research and asset mapping through to facilitating activities and evaluating impact. Link Up is a pilot for Inspiring Scotland and learning is being gathered not only about individual and community outcomes, but also about the partnership approach and model of investing with communities.