Self-Direct Support

Inspiring Scotland is supporting the performance management, monitoring and evaluation of the Scottish Government’s Self-Directed Support Funds - Support in the Right Direction and the Innovation Fund.

This involves managing and administering funding for a portfolio of 55 projects, focusing on accountability, monitoring and evaluation, and sharing policy and practice learning.

Through our work with the Self-Directed Support (SDS) projects, funded groups will be able to demonstrate the positive improvements they have made while the Scottish Government will gain greater understanding about the effectiveness of different models of independent support and SDS care, and how to overcome barriers to implementation.

National Strategy for Self-Directed Support - My Support, My Choice

Support in the Right Direction: The National Strategy for Self-Directed Support in Scotland includes provision of high-quality support and advice which enables people to make genuine individual choices about the social care they receive. Independent Support helps people make informed decisions about SDS. The SDS Support in the Right Direction Fund (2015-18) aims to build the capacity and availability of Independent Support services across Scotland. £2.82 million has been spread across 34 projects in Year 1.

Innovation: The Scottish Government recognises that building the capacity of care providers and developing the workforce are closely linked to the effective delivery of Self- Directed Support. Providers of care support and the care workforce have a key responsibility for implementation of the SDS strategy. The SDS Innovation Fund (2015-18) aims to support innovation and develop the capacity of providers to develop the workforce and to support people using SDS to directly or indirectly purchase support. £1.25 million has been invested in 21 projects in Year 1 of the Fund.

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