Pro Bono Programme

Elaine Crichton

If you are interested in contributing your expertise and becoming a Pro Bono supporter, contact Elaine Crichton, Pro Bono Executive 

T: 0131 442 8782

M: 07718 670925


The provision of advice and expertise to help charities become stronger and sustainable is very important to our investment model. Scotland’s business community plays a key role in this work - volunteering time, skills and expertise.

More than 260 people currently provide non-financial tailored development support to our charities throughout Scotland. Demand for this non-financial investment continues to grow and evolve so new volunteers are always welcomed.

Pro bono volunteering provides an opportunity for individuals to give something back to society and contribute to social change. It is also an excellent conduit to self-development for employees and an avenue for employers to fulfil their corporate social responsibility at a local community level.

Becoming a Pro Bono supporter is a very rewarding way to be part of changing society where it matters most.


How Inspiring Scotland works (click on the image to enlarge):

How Inspiring Scotland works