FAQ: Future funds

How do you go about choosing a fund?

We are considering a range of different social issues, all of which affect people in Scotland. There are a whole range of factors to consider, such as how many people are affected, what difference our investment could make, the geographic impact of the issue and what voluntary sector infrastructure is already in place in relation to an issue. It is also important to gauge the interest of investors as without their money we won’t be able to deliver work of real impact.

How many funds do you expect to develop?

There is no set number we are aiming for, but we are ambitious to deliver significant change in Scotland which means tackling different areas of social need. This means that over time we do expect to have a number of funds running concurrently, each addressing a different issue. Individual funds will run for a set time period, so we will have a rolling programme of different funds starting as others reach their natural end point.