Investment Model


A range of investors back Inspiring Scotland. As you would expect, there are some well-known philanthropists; there are also individual investors and business people who are getting involved in philanthropy for the first time. Grantmaking trusts and foundations and Corporates are investing and the Scottish Government is also a committed partner. 


We take time to research and assess each issue.  Giving a clear starting point of need and a picture of what is currently being delivered and where the gaps are. This allows us to strategically manage the portfolio of organisations we support.


The length of investment in each charity vary.  Our 14:19 Fund offers up to 10 years of support, this allows for significant strategic work to be delivered.


The relationship with charities will be about collaborating and working with them, promoting their ownership of the work. We have high expectations of what can and will be delivered, but don't take control out of their hands.


High quality evaluation is built in from the start. From the time funding is committed we measure the individual and collective delivery of the charities funded.


From day one we actively plan with funded charities for the period beyond our investment, working to develop their sustainability. We want the relationship to be inter-dependent rather than co-dependent or dependent. A measure of our success is how well the charities continue to deliver once our support is over, and we will help organisations to achieve financial self-sufficiency as an 'exit strategy'.


We report progress against the outcomes we agree with each charity we fund, and any significant changes taking place within the charities themselves. We also share what we learn about addressing strategic social issues and the impact this is having on people in communities across Scotland.

Venture Philanthropy is an approach to charitable giving that applies venture capital principles, such as long-term investment and tailored development support, to the voluntary sector.

This is an approach we have pioneered in Scotland to address social issues that brings new money into the voluntary sector and follows the principles of:

  • High engagement - we will actively participate in helping organisations to succeed.
  • Long term sustained support and investment, both financial and non-financial.
  • Funding the general operations (core costs) of voluntary organisations as well as delivery of their services.
  • Organisational capacity building, including funding charities to grow the scale of their operations.
  • Defining clear, measurable social impact.
  • Rigorous evaluation and performance measurement.
  • Holding organisations accountable for results and reward success.
  • Sharing successes and failures openly