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AD's story: "I'm heavy proud of myself" - Inspiring Scotland

Case Studies

AD’s story: “I’m heavy proud of myself”

AD* was referred to Tullochan Futures by a local children’s unit. At the start of the project, AD was involved in serious anti-social activities within the community. He refused to engage with school and had been involved with the criminal justice system.

On the first day of the Tullochan Futures programme AD was extremely disruptive, and even received a visit from the police.

At this point, AD opened up and asked Tullochan staff for support. This openness and vulnerability continued in AD’s one-to-one sessions, but this was not a side that he wanted others to see. It was clear he’d had a negative experience with school and had few positive influences in his life. Tullochan staff became one of those positive influences. As their relationship grew, AD was better able to take constructive criticism, but also enjoyed receiving praise when he worked well.

Throughout the programme AD participated in sessions intended to improve young people’s decision-making skills by helping them to understand the consequences of the decisions they make. AD thrived in these sessions; always having a story of a bad decision he’d made. AD was clearly thinking about the consequences of his actions and how he could make positive changes in his life.

When Tullochan staff met with AD’s care home staff, they were told AD had never engaged with anything in the way he was with Tullochan. He was up early each morning and the first to arrive in group. AD had finally found something he could relate to and enjoy, and it showed.

Tullochan staff continued to build AD’s confidence and self-esteem, to give him the guidance and encouragement he both deserved and needed.

Despite his unsettled start to the programme, he always worked hard. He had a 100% attendance rate, completed 30 sessions, and achieved certificates in Food Hygiene, First Aid, and Health and Safety.

As the programme was coming to an end AD was informed of another training programme with Action for Children. AD was offered a place on a paid training programme which he was delighted to take. His new attitude continued on this programme – he attended each day, worked hard, and took a positive approach to the tasks asked of him.

After completing his training he got a job at a golf course, and is proud to be independent and part of the working world.

AD’s story makes clear the importance of the strong relationships between patient, understanding and trustworthy staff and young people fostered by 14:19 charities. AD is a perfect example of how with the right support, anyone can turn their life around.


*The name in this case study has been anonymised.

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