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Case Studies

Family group promotes fitness and friendships

Responding to local people’s concerns about obesity and low levels of physical activity, Link Up Whitfield teamed up with the Dundee Healthy Living Initiative, One Parent Families Scotland and a local fitness instructor to run a small-scale 12-week cooking and physical activity programme.

Family Fun Fit focused on both cooking healthy meals as a family on a budget and being active together as a family. Eighteen children and adults from seven families took part in the programme; many of them had not met before and half of were new to Link Up.

Social connections:
Most participants expressed how important the social aspect of Family Fun Fit had been, often resulting in new friendships and helping to create wider support networks (e.g. for childcare).

“My younger kids absolutely love it! Brian [not his real name] has been bullied at school so it’s good for him to make friends his own age.”

Workers witnessed significant change taking place for some individuals. One boy with autism initially hid under a table, only coming out for the meal. Over time and with close support from Link Up volunteers, a few different strategies were developed with the mother to try and get him more involved. By the end of the 12 weeks, the boy had become much more engaged and more confident in a group and has continued to come along to other Link Up activities.

Physical and mental wellbeing:
Most children reported doing more exercise, feeling physically fitter, and taking steps to eat more healthily. Four of the seven parents have gone on to take part in Parklives and Play Rangers activities at Whitfield Green. This short programme also became the catalyst for a new Link Up activity: a free weight management group.

Skills and knowledge:
Overall, five out of the seven families taking part felt they had progressed toward their learning goals through to the programme.

The two local volunteers who supported this group (young people who are also involved in the Link Up dance group) learned a lot about facilitating groups and improved their leadership skills. The experience raised their confidence as group leaders.

As well as the opportunities the programme itself offered, it was a springboard for many participants to become regulars in other Link Up groups such as the UneekLinx dance group and Linking Generations Arts and Crafts.

CALA and Aviemore Primary School Active Play

CALA and Aviemore Primary School Active Play

In 2022/23 Inspiring Scotland and the Scottish Government’s Active Scotland division piloted the Active Play programme across 34 settings in Glasgow and the Highlands.  Our Thrive Outdoors team, who facilitate Active Play, partnered with local trusted organisations to deliver the programme in schools, nurseries, and community groups to provide fun, active, and inclusive physical activity.

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Participation and involvement: listening to those with direct experience

Participation and involvement: listening to those with direct experience

We believe that change is best informed and driven by the people who have direct experience. Over the year Inspiring Scotland has been supporting best practice in the development of services and programmes that are directed by individuals and where people have a respected and equal voice in decisions that affect them.  This can include

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Inspiring Scotland’s Specialist Volunteer Network

Inspiring Scotland’s Specialist Volunteer Network

For a charitable organisation, having access to a broad range of professional skills can be challenging when resources are already stretched. Whether seeking IT or marketing expertise, financial or legal advice, a trusteeship or practical help, Inspiring Scotland’s Specialist Volunteer Network (SVN)  can step in.  The Specialist Volunteer Network (SVN) is one of Inspiring Scotland’s

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