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16 Days of Activism 2023: Youth Activism with Young Women Know through Delivering Equally Safe - Inspiring Scotland


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16 Days of Activism 2023: Youth Activism with Young Women Know through Delivering Equally Safe

Work to raise awareness and improve understanding of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is central to our ability to ‘Imagine a Scotland without GBV’, the main theme for this year’s 16 Days of Activism in Scotland.  

Delivering Equally Safe funds a range of prevention focused activity both locally and nationally including research, campaigning and influencing. Perhaps most significant are the wealth of awareness raising and education sessions that funded projects deliver – between October 2021 to March 2023 such sessions reached 93,401 people.  

Education and awareness raising activity with children and young people makes up a significant part of Delivering Equally Safe prevention activity, providing a safe space to discuss GBV and gender inequality, and opportunities for young people to contribute to ongoing change. 

One of the projects delivering in this area is Young Women Know. We sat down with them to learn more about their aspirations for 16 Days of Activism and beyond… 

Young Women Know 

group photo with the members of Young Women KNow

Young Women’s Movement and NSPCC Scotland deliver Young Women Know, a project working with young women aged 16-18 to create toolkits to support young people in their understanding of healthy relationships, consent and safe spaces. Through the project young people from Dundee’s Oor Fierce Girls group have successfully delivered a campaign and toolkits now used in schools in the area. Perth and Kinross based group, Bold Girls Ken, continue to educate young people on consent and improve access to realistic and appropriate information. Recently Brave Lassies Blether, a group of young women based in Angus, launched their new campaign at Montrose Football Club 

We asked the Brave Lassies Blether campaign group to tell us more. 


Tell us about Brave Lassies Blether: 

The aim of the Brave Lassies Blether campaign, based in Angus is to spread awareness about peer-to-peer sexual abuse and support services available to young people to discuss their feelings with professionals. We also want to make sure that these support services meet young people’s needs.? 

By choosing the name ‘Brave Lassies Blether’ for our campaign, we wanted to reclaim the term ‘blether’ which we felt often have negative connotations to young people chatting without having much to say. We actually think young people’s voices should be heard and we want to highlight the bravery of engaging with support services.


What message do you hope to share with your campaign? 

Here is what we would like all young people to know: 

  • You are valid no matter what you go through – your life doesn’t need to be defined by one experience, you can move forward with support. Life has good things to offer.
  • Reach out to services if you are feeling worried or concerned about any relationships, including problems with sexual violence or domestic abuse.
  • There are safe and secure spaces to talk about your feelings and experiences.
  • Different networks hold different spaces, have a read and see how they can help you.
  • Follow your understanding and gut feelings about what is right and wrong.
  • You are not alone, services are there when/ if you would like to speak about your feelings.

We would also like support services to understand that:

  • Young people would like to speak to someone who will listen, understand and be comforting. 
  • Young people would like to feel validated, safe and treated like an equal.
  • Services should work with people at an individuals pace to ensure the person does not feel overwhelmed.
  • Young people would like a space which is open and welcoming.
  • Services should be available and accessible to all.


What are your plans during 16 Days of Activism? 

During 16 Days we have spoken to BBC Radio Scotland about our campaign as well as being featured on Reporting Scotland too.  

We also made an exciting trip to The Scottish Parliament alongside Bold Girls Ken, we had a tour where took photos in the Garden Lobby and the Debating Chamber and also had lunch.  

We are currently working on developing some videos as part of our toolkits which will be launched next year.  

Our fellow campaigners Bold Girls Ken have launched their resources in line with 16 Days of Activism so keep an eye our for that!  


Where can we find out more about Brave Lassies Blether and support your work? 

You will be able to see some of the resources we are working on The Young Women’s Movement website soon but in the meantime, you can see us on their Instagram and especially TikTok!  

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