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Care Day 2023 - Inspiring Scotland


The latest stories from Inspiring Scotland and our partner charities.

Care Day 2023

Today is Care Day (17 February 2023) which aims to champion children and young people with care experience and tackle misconceptions.  

All families need a helping hand to navigate tough times, such as chronic illness, mental health problems or a bereavement. It is during these tough times when parents can struggle without a solid support network and children and young people can become involved with the care system. 

This is why we need volunteer mentors, to work with our care experienced young people and ensure they have the scaffolding of support in place to go and achieve their goals.  

intandem is Scotland’s national mentoring programme. Funded by Scottish Government and The Robertson Trust, as part of the Promise and delivered by Inspiring Scotland, the programme connects young people and volunteer mentors to establish meaningful, supportive and long-lasting relationships. 

By giving some time each week, you could be a positive and stable role model and make a difference in a young person’s life.  

All we ask is that you: 

  • Are a good listener and are open minded  
  • Can spend a little time consistently each week doing fun activities in your local community with your mentee  

Nothing more, we offer full training and expenses so you can concentrate your full attention on your mentee.  

By committing to at least a year, your weekly meetings with your young person could: 

  • Help a young person see their potential and reach their goals  
  • Provide stability and respite for the whole family  
  • Help raise a young person’s self-esteem and improve their friendships  
  • Increase engagement with communities 
  • Bolster your own skills including   

Sign up to be a volunteer here 

Sitting down with digital experts and Specialist Volunteers, Gordon and Elena

Sitting down with digital experts and Specialist Volunteers, Gordon and Elena

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Independent support for people accessing the social care system

Independent support for people accessing the social care system

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Celebrating Our Future Leaders

Celebrating Our Future Leaders

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