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13 Footgolf - Inspiring Scotland


13 Footgolf

Part of Thrive Outdoors Make Time For Outdoor Play – a downloadable series of resources developed to support outdoor play during COVID-19.


Information for intandem volunteers

If you’re interested in volunteering as a mentor with intandem, you can find useful information here.

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A practitioner’s guide to What to Wear

  Part of Thrive Outdoors downloadable series of resources developed to support outdoor play. Help – We have no idea what to wear outdoors The right clothing is key to ensuring that time outdoors with children is as enjoyable as possible. A little planning and thought can prevent us from being distracted and/or miserable due

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Introduction to Charity Leadership

Lead the way to success The role of a leader is to nurture the talent and strengths of others. As in our own work it is about providing individuals opportunities to succeed and grow. It’s difficult to outline the character of a good leader, as every individual has their own way of working.

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