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A practitioner's guide: Five Minute Fires - Inspiring Scotland


A practitioner’s guide: Five Minute Fires


Part of Thrive Outdoors downloadable series of resources developed to support outdoor play.

“Help – Everyone’s talking about fires but how do you actually build one?”

For a fire first timer, building a fire outdoors can be scary. The good news is, by following a few simple steps you too can enjoy the benefits of fire as a source of heat, a way to cook snacks, a space to sit around, and enjoy staring into the flames. It is also a great educational experience for children, especially if they are involved in the risk/benefit analysis.


14:19 Fund Report 2016

In 2016, with the support of Inspiring Scotland Performance Advisors, 14:19 Fund charities helped more young people than in previous years achieve a positive destination with just over 5,000 moving into employment, education or training. At this point in the fund, it is a sign of great maturity, resilience and progress towards sustainability which will

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05 Be a bean

Part of Thrive Outdoors Make Time For Outdoor Play – a downloadable series of resources developed to support outdoor play during COVID-19.

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Link Up: Local People Building Flourishing Communities

For people to thrive, three things really matter: supportive relationships, confidence and self-esteem. Seven years of Inspiring Scotland’s Link Up programme has demonstrated beyond doubt that these three things are not only fundamental human needs essential for individual wellbeing, they are the foundations on which individuals and communities can change things for the better. Find out

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