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A Practitioner’s Guide: Forest Kindergarten Training - Inspiring Scotland


A Practitioner’s Guide: Forest Kindergarten Training


‘When we observed a Forest Kindergarten, I saw that the children were not afraid to climb trees to get mucky, but this is all positive risk taking. When children climb trees or get muddy, they are exploring and growing in resilience and confidence, it teaches them not to be afraid’- Mairead, Glasgow Clyde College student 

In this week’s guest blog we hear from Mairead a student on the HNC in Childhood Practice at Glasgow Clyde College course. As part of her course Mairead undertook a 3 day Forest Kindergarten training programme,  in this blog she shares her both her outdoor learning experience and some handy and practical tips!


A Practitioner’s Guide: Therapeutic Powers of Play

  ‘Birds fly, fish swim, children play’ -Garry L. Landreth, Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship In this week’s guest blog we hear from Deidre a play therapist based in Ireland who shares the therapeutic benefits of play and some handy play tips and activities for both parents and practitioners.        

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A Practitioner’s Guide: The joy of wintertime outdoor play

  Time to embrace winter weather! This week’s guest blog is from Dr Claire Warden from Mindstretchers Academy. In this blog Dr Claire shares how she believes embracing winter can bring about many new opportunities for outdoor play and learning as well as some top tips on keeping warm and dry. An interesting and informative

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CashBack for Communities 2020-2021 Annual Impact Report

CashBack for Communitities phase 5 2020/2022 Annual Report.

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