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A Practitioner’s Guide: Play and Wellbeing Tips - Inspiring Scotland


A Practitioner’s Guide: Play and Wellbeing Tips


 The power of play! 

This week’s blog is from us at Thrive to raise awareness of the benefits of play on a child’s mental health. As some of you may know it is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week and we thought it might be useful to offer up some handy tips and activities for practitioners with a special focus on allowing children to express themselves through play or indeed relax and quieten an anxious mind. Part of a practitioner’s role is being aware of a child’s mental wellbeing as well as their physical. It’s a lot easier to notice when a child is hurting physically but its sometimes trickier to notice when a child is struggling mentally. But the good thing is there is no right or wrong in outdoor play and the benefits of just playing are immense





Equality and Human Rights Webinar 4 – Impact and Outcomes

EHR Webinar 4 – Impact and Outcomes (video and transcription)

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Creative Communities Case Study: Lyth Arts Centre

We are sharing a number of case studies from our charity partners who are part of the Creative Communities programme. Lyth Arts Centre(LAC) Creative Communities funded project supports local artists-in-residence matched with Caithness communities to co-design programmes of work exploring local themes and issues. This particular project commenced in March 2021.  LAC sponsored five artists for

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14:19 Fund 2017 Half-year Report

This interim report reviews the performance of the Inspiring Scotland 14:19 Fund in the six-month period from January to June 2017.

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