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Equality and Human Rights Webinar 5 - How to apply - Inspiring Scotland


Equality and Human Rights Webinar 5 – How to apply

EHR Webinar 5 – How to apply (video and transcription)

Slide 1 – Introduction

This webinar is about how to apply.

Slide 2 – Welcome

My name is Louise and I work in the Equalities and Human Rights Team at Inspiring Scotland.

Slide 3 – How to apply

The Guidance notes have an entire section of information on how to apply with guidance on the information we are looking for in the individual application questions.

Take your time to read through all of this, and then register your interest via the Inspiring Scotland Website. When you do this, you will have a chance to ask any questions which we will include in a FAQ document.

We will also provide pre-application support sessions and publish top tip webinars on the application form so keep an eye on @IS_EqualityHR on twitter for information. We will also let you know about this through emails sent to the address you register with.

You can also contact the fund through the EHRenquiries@inspiringscotland email address.

Slide 4 – Don’t Forget

There are some documents to submit with your application.

We have a full list of these in the guidance notes and on our website where you can also download a budget template and the application declaration form.

Alongside the application form you need to submit:

  • A budget detailing the costs of the application proposal
  • A copy of your Memorandum and Articles or constitution
  • Your most recent independently examined or audited accounts. If you are a new organisation then you can submit a bank statement
  • A copy of your equality and diversity policy and
  • The signed declaration form. This is a document signed by your Treasurer, a Trustee, Director, Company Secretary, Financial Controller or Chief Executive and an independent referee

Slide 5 – Submit online by May 14

Applications are to be submitted online through the link we send you when you register. We also have templates of the questions we ask in the application form which we strongly recommend you download and use to prepare your application form.

When you have completed it and have all the documents you need to apply then start your online submission and make sure it is with us by midday on 14 May.

Thank you!


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