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Practitioners Guide: Ok to Play - Inspiring Scotland


Practitioners Guide: Ok to Play


This week’s guest blog is from Susan Humble- Play Development Officer at East Lothian Play Association. In this blog she discusses how eye-catching “Ok to play” signs are popping up all over East Lothian promoting children’s right to play and East Lothian Play Association (ELPA) top tips for getting your play message out there.



Inspiring Scotland 2017 Overview

When Inspiring Scotland was formed in 2008, we wanted to tackle some of the long-term, entrenched social problems faced by Scotland’s people and communities. Since then, we have transformed 100,000s of lives, supported more than 300 charities, built a network of more than 350 professional pro bono volunteers and managed £120m of funding for Scotland’s

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Introduction to Charity Leadership

Lead the way to success The role of a leader is to nurture the talent and strengths of others. As in our own work it is about providing individuals opportunities to succeed and grow. It’s difficult to outline the character of a good leader, as every individual has their own way of working.

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Evaluation of Active Play in Glasgow by Blake Stevenson – Dec 2016

Read the independent evaluation by Blake Stevenson into the impact of Active Play in Glasgow. This report covers the first cohort of pupils to take part in the programme from August 2016 and was completed in December 2016.

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