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Supporting charity communications

Sam Marriott-Dowding is Managing Director of Marriott Communications and a Specialist Volunteer with Inspiring Scotland. He has brought his expertise in communications to several projects supporting charities across Scotland.

As a Specialist Volunteer, I work predominantly within communications – so anything from: PR, media management, crisis communications, digital marketing, content creation, social media management, to developing and implementing campaigns and strategies.

During my time on the Specialist Volunteer Network, I worked with several charities to develop their communications strategies, including, integrating cross-channel marketing plans, media engagement, social media management, and campaign development to increase consumer engagement, public awareness, and the creativity of their digital content.

Whilst I have been involved with several incredible projects through the Specialist Volunteer Network – one project in particular stands out.

I advised get2gether on their #BecomingVisible campaign, which not only increased the charity’s digital presence by 10%, but the campaign itself made a real and tangible impact. #BecomingVisible highlighted the stories of get2gether’s members – all adults with disabilities – and the work they have been doing during the pandemic.

Adults with disabilities, particularly learning disabilities, are often unheard in a societal, political, and economic sense. Expectations are generally low, with employment opportunities virtually non-existent. The aim of #BecomingVisible was to highlight how the media can reduce stereotypical representations of disability – and in doing so, help reduce discrimination and advance equality.

This campaign successfully highlighted these stories and experiences, which resulted in a substantial increase of engagement, visible impact, and even an STV interview!

In my role as a Specialist Volunteer, not only have I had the pleasure of working with incredible third sector organisations to make a real difference in the world, I have also been able to expand my professional knowledge and specialisms. As someone who graduated from university and then struggled to find employment during the pandemic, the Specialist Volunteer Network allowed me to redefine the faith I had in myself, and in my professional abilities – something which is truly an immeasurable gift.

So if you’re interested in joining the Specialist Volunteer Network, or using it as a charity, the only piece of advice I have is to go for it!

Signing up to become a Specialist Volunteer is something you won’t ever regret. You get to develop your own professional skills and expertise further with real-world experience, whilst at the same time supporting third sector organisations who often have skill deficits.

As a Specialist Volunteer, you really are making a difference, one organisation at a time!

Find out how our Specialist Volunteer Network could help your charity.

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