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Our funds

We work across several policy areas, from survivor support to youth unemployment, to tackle poverty and disadvantage across Scotland in a comprehensive way.

We identify and solve deep-rooted social problems.

Through our funds we bring together the right people and organisations to design rigorous and innovative solutions to some of Scotland’s most deeply-entrenched social problems. We work in the communities that are most affected by poverty and disadvantage and build strong partnerships, with government and businesses, that bring about change.

We help each organisation to develop individually by fostering collaboration across a portfolio of charities and a network of experts. We create the right environment for lasting, sustainable partnerships.

We raise and manage funds, and support charities to leverage more. We study, research, evaluate, learn and share our knowledge, helping our portfolio to prove their successes and become more effective.

Our highly-experienced staff work closely with each organisation, tailoring support to their unique circumstances. We know that where one charity needs help with their Board, another needs help with risk management. We help organisations to develop local and national relationships which cut across and through sectors, helping the right people work together to solve problems.

We want to make Scotland a better place. Each thematic fund, each organisation, network, and every person within it works towards that goal. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Youth Action Fund

The Youth Action Fund is a long-term initiative dedicated to transforming the life chances of young people in Scotland by bringing  together charities that provide young people with real opportunities to develop life skills, discover what they value and become work-ready.

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Workforce Wellbeing Fund for Adult Social Work and Social Care

This £1 million fund is for ideas that staff themselves have said will help to improve their wellbeing. Applications are welcome to support staff working in Adult Social Work and Social Care across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

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Our Future Now

Our Future Now aims to help a generation of young people in Scotland flourish through education, employment and training. The successor fund to 14:19, Our Future Now builds on a 10-year track record in helping to reduce youth unemployment, working with 12 high performing and high potential charities active across 24 geographical areas.

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Link Up

Through Link Up, people living in some of Scotland’s most deprived communities are working together to end generations of disadvantage and stop the cycle of poverty.

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Thrive Outdoors

We support communities, charities, schools, outdoor organisations and public bodies to collaborate, innovate and develop in outdoor play and learning.

We are committed to use our experience to empower and equip families, childcare professionals and educators with the confidence, enthusiasm and skills to encourage and support our children and young people to play and learn outdoors.

Outdoor play is a life-enhancing experience and we want all of Scotland’s children to thrive outdoors.

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intandem supports some of Scotland’s most vulnerable young people by helping them to build a consistent, trusting relationship with a positive adult role-model.

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Self-directed Support empowers people to be equal partners in their care and support decisions and to participate fully in all aspects of life. Support in the Right Direction (SiRD) funds organisations across Scotland to deliver independent support to people and carers accessing social care, and to support them to exercise choice and control over that care.

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CashBack for Communities

Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities programme tackles Scotland’s inequalities by raising the attainment, ambition and aspirations of disadvantaged young people.

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Increasing Understanding of Autism Fund

Through the Increasing Understanding of Autism Programme, we are aiming to make Scotland a more accessible, inclusive and understanding place for autistic people to learn, work and live.

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Survivors of Childhood Abuse Support Fund

Survivors of Childhood Abuse Support Fund supports the recovery and resilience of survivors by enhancing capacity and capability of third sector and community-based organisations which provide dedicated support.

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Building Brighter Futures Fund

The Building Brighter Futures Fund (BBFF) aims to support the most disadvantaged young people furthest from the labour market by providing opportunities to gain the skills and confidence to succeed through education, training and employment, throughout Scotland. The BBFF is funded by Hub Community Foundation (HCF) and managed by Inspiring Scotland.

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Inspiring Inclusion - Learning Disabilities

The Inspiring Inclusion fund supports charities and social enterprises from the learning disabilities sector to improve their resilience and sustainability so they can deliver on key aspects of national learning disability policy and strategy including the Towards Transformation Plan.

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Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

The Perinatal and Infant Mental Health fund has been set up to provide crucial help for mothers, infants and their families who are in need of mental health support. The fund is open to third sector organisations so they can provide enhanced peer support, parenting support and perinatal counselling services during pregnancy and in the early stages of life.

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Creative Communities

The Creative Communities programme supports communities to develop new initiatives involving culture and creative arts and focuses support on people and places where social or geographical circumstances make engaging with cultural activities more challenging.

Since launching in 2020, with a total investment of £2.0m, the Creative Communities Programme has supported 46 community and arts organisations to deliver creative projects to over 16,000 adults and children across Scotland.

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Island Communities Fund

The Island Communities Fund aims to support employment and community resilience across the Scottish islands, through activities that deliver green economic recovery from the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Delivering Equally Safe

Delivering Equally Safe is the Scottish Government funding programme supporting third sector organisations and public bodies to contribute to the objectives, priorities, and outcomes of Equally Safe - Scotland’s strategy to prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls.

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Equality and Human Rights

A new programme that supports organisations tackling inequality and discrimination, furthering equality, and advancing the realisation of human rights in Scotland. The Fund will distribute up to £7 million annually for three years from October 2021 to September 2024.

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Healthy Islands Fund

The Healthy Islands Fund is a £1.3 million investment from the Scottish Government to further support improvement of outcomes for island communities in Scotland. Funding will contribute to delivery of Strategic Objective 7 of the National Islands Plan, which aims to improve and promote health, social care and wellbeing for those living in Scottish island communities.

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Rural Communities Ideas into Action Fund

The Rural Communities Ideas into Action Fund (RCIA) is a £1.5 million investment from the Scottish Government to encourage and support innovative approaches to community-led local development in rural communities across Scotland.

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Previous work

36,000 young people supported into education, employment and training.

The 14:19 Fund helped some of the most disadvantaged young people aged 14 to 19 in Scotland who struggled to access employment, education or training, and gave them the chance to transform their lives.

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