Download 'Realising the potential in our communities’ – a synthesis of three years of learning

Prior to becoming involved in Link Up i did very little in my local areas.

I am now doing more for my community.

It wasn't a community before Link Up. 





Link UplogoLink Up increases opportunities for people in communities to come together, get to know different people, participate and help each other.

Link Up focuses on people as contributors. By doing things together and helping each other, individuals and communities become more resilient, happier and better able to face some of the challenges they face

Evaluation and economic analysis found Link Up creates new social networks, improves health and wellbeing of local people and gives them the confidence, motivation and skills to effect positive change.  We are working in partnership with 10 areas in Scotland to deliver this unique and highly effective model.

Relationships build a community, we need to build them and utilise them, put citizens at the centre and engage them as actors, not recipients.- Dr Harry Burns.