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Mind Your Head

Wellbeing Group
Our Wellbeing Group meets every Tuesday from 10.00-12.00 at Islesburgh Community Centre. This is an inclusive drop in group opento individuals with children aged 2.5 years and
under. This is a relaxed and welcoming group led by our Wellness Practitioners where you can come and grab a hot drink and spend some time with other families. There are no obligations at our group, just turn up. There will be a selection of age-appropriate toys available for the children as well as themed days throughout the year.
One-to-One Support
One-to-one is a free and confidential low level supported wellbeing service for individuals aged 18 and over with infantsunder the age of 2.5 years. Our Wellness Practitioners will work alongside individuals to improve their mental wellbeing, confidence, resilience and day to day functioning. Support will be for up to 6 months.
Sessions will be tailored to meet the individuals needs and may include: Guided self help techniques and coping strategies; Support to groups and activities; Signposting to other appropriate agencies; All support is face to face where possible at present.