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Nova Foundation - Inspiring Scotland

Nova Foundation

An 8 hour antenatal course for parents pregnant after a loss to feel positive about birth and more prepared for their next stage of parenthood. For parents who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or loss of a child, our classes provide a safe, hopeful, reassuring space to feel less anxious about birth and beyond, through learning hypnobirthing and anxiety reduction techniques, and the practical parenting skills to help you feel confident in welcoming your rainbow baby home. Our classes are run by a babyloss Mum who wanted to provide tailored antenatal education for other babyloss parents. In addition to the usual antenatal topics we cover inductions, C-sections, interventions, mental wellbeing, managing grief and triggers and feeling prepared however birth unfolds. Nova understands that you may feel like you will never bring a baby home, and that when you do you will have no idea how to look after baby. We will gently guide you through the early days of life with a newborn such as safer sleep, baby item essentials, feeding (bottle and formula), how to burp and hold baby, managing your lack of sleep, nappy changing, bathing, early nurturing, remembering your baby who died and enjoying their sibling. This course is available at: £80