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Active Play Evaluation Summary - Inspiring Scotland


Active Play Evaluation Summary

Active Play: Physical Activity by Stealth. Download a summary of independent evaluations & research into Active Play.


A Practitioner’s Guide: Forest Kindergarten Training

  ‘When we observed a Forest Kindergarten, I saw that the children were not afraid to climb trees to get mucky, but this is all positive risk taking. When children climb trees or get muddy, they are exploring and growing in resilience and confidence, it teaches them not to be afraid’- Mairead, Glasgow Clyde College

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Impact of gender-based violence and abuse on the mental health needs of women, young people and children

Evidence from the Delivering Equally Safe (DES) funded organisations and from other studies has shown that “experiences of violence and abuse against women, young people and children can be the cause of mental ill health, and those experiences can exacerbate existing mental health issues.” A report has been pulled together looking the evidence of the

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Delivering Equally Safe Fund Update

On the 24th March 2021, the Scottish Government and COSLA issued a joint statement on the Delivering Equally Safe fund. The statement, available in full below, outlines a number of important changes to the fund which have come in with immediate effect.    

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