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Creative Communities Case Study: GoodTrees Neighbourhood Centre - Inspiring Scotland


Creative Communities Case Study: GoodTrees Neighbourhood Centre

We are sharing a number of case studies from charity projects who are or were part of the Creative Communities programme. Based in Craigour and Moredun in Edinburgh, Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre supports young people learning technical and creative skills to produce digital media content. This project was made in partnership with DanceBase and Reeltime. This particular project commenced in March 2021

In partnership with REEL Youth Media Goodtrees provide at risk young people with digital media training. This is combined with a broader programme of support, including activities aimed at building engagement with the broader community, including elderly residents, local politicians, the broader community group at Goodtrees, local business owners and community leaders.

Early in the programme Goodtrees recorded a Christmas song and video featuring performances and videos featuring young people not engaging with school, support workers, volunteers, and the extended Goodtrees Community. The completed video was circulated via social media platforms and was viewed over 10,000 times.

After Christmas the workplan was revised and the young people began work on a podcast series, with all work being delivered remotely using Microsoft Teams. Participants were engaged to create and produce content by recording stories and interviews from their experiences in the community through lockdown and more broadly. Recent instances of antisocial behaviour in the community and issues around young people’s mental health has seen the focus of this work centred on conversations around these issues. Young people have been sharing their own stories and interviewing elderly members of the community, business owners, as well as community police officers and representatives from Lothian Buses.

Watch the ‘Merry Xmas Everyone’ by the Goodtrees Creative Hub video below!



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