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Creative Communities Case Study: Lyth Arts Centre - Inspiring Scotland


Creative Communities Case Study: Lyth Arts Centre

We are sharing a number of case studies from our charity partners who are part of the Creative Communities programme. Lyth Arts Centre(LAC) Creative Communities funded project supports local artists-in-residence matched with Caithness communities to co-design programmes of work exploring local themes and issues. This particular project commenced in March 2021. 

LAC sponsored five artists for its CAIR: Community Artists in Residence programme. Each artist has worked with a community partner to design and review the activities. For example, Donna is worked closely with Thurso Community Development Trust and their youth club. Donna then recruited a steering group of 8 young people in Thurso aged 12-17 years who were guiding the project. Similarly, Kelly worked closely with Wick High School Art and Design students to design her activity zine. These have been distributed to various groups across Wick including residential care units and to young people with additional support needs. 

A key challenge for all involved was the changing nature of lockdown restrictions. The artists had to re-imagine their original plans and respond to the changing needs of community partners and participants. However, one success to come out of this situation is that the artists have all become proficient in delivering online sessions, taking training where necessary and exploring and developing their practice. 

One of the most successful partnerships has been between Joanne and Befriending Caithness. In weekly sessions befrienders and befriendee’s have shared their interests and abilities, based on ‘reminiscence packs’ designed by Joanne. Inspired by the Custer Tablecloth, on which the names of local airmen were stitched during the Second World War, Joanne stitched the names of local care workers, submitted by carers and their friends and families, onto a carer’s uniform. Befriendee’s received sewing kits to create textiles based on their memories, which will be displayed alongside the uniform. 



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