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Webinar 3-Outcomes and Activities for Delivering Equally Safe - Inspiring Scotland


Webinar 3-Outcomes and Activities for Delivering Equally Safe

This webinar looks at developing your outcomes for your application to Delivering Equally Safe.

This is part of a series of webinars which will include advice on completing your application, developing partnership applications and your outcomes and activities.


Slide 1: Welcome

Welcome to this webinar where we will be looking at developing your outcomes for your application to Delivering Equally Safe.

This is one of a series of webinars which will include advice for setting your budget and working in partnerships.

Slide 2: Meet the team

My name is Norma and I am one of the members of the Delivering Equally Safe team here at Inspiring Scotland. We are working on behalf of the Scottish Government to manage the Delivering Equally Safe Fund.

Slide 3: What we’ll cover

Over the next 5 minutes or so we will look at:

  • The Equally Safe Outcomes
  • Setting Your outcomes
  • And planning your activities

Slide 4: Equally Safe Overview

On March 24th there were a number of changes made to Delivering Equally Safe. And we have another webinar which explains these in more detail.

In summary

The changes include an additional £5 million being made available for the first year.

Upwards of £14 million of the £18million total is protected for specialist frontline services

The fund will now run in 2021/22 and 2022/23. When a replacement fund will be launched following a strategic review.

In addition, Local authorities can now be the lead partner in a partnership application.

Slide 5: Your activities

All applications to the fund must show how they contribute to and support the priorities and outcomes of Equally Safe, Scotland’s Strategy for Preventing and Eradicating Violence Against Women and Girls.

A key part of your application to Delivering Equally Safe is capturing the activities that you plan to carry out during the term of the funding, AND, importantly, the difference that they will make to the people you work with

These activities should contribute to the priorities of Equally Safe and fit at least one, or a combination, of the following:

  • primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of violence
  • early intervention for survivors
  • front line service support
  • driving attitudinal and behavioural change
  • supporting policy development and practice

Slide 6: Your activities

We know that there is a wealth of experience, understanding and knowledge in the sector – in terms of delivery and ensuring the voices of women and children are heard.

Delivering Equally Safe is keen to support work that:

  • Develops holistic pathways
  • Deepens the understanding of patterns of needs
  • Broadens access
  • Develops workforce wellbeing, capacity building and development
  • And work around specific issues such as Female Genital Mutilation and challenging commercial sexual exploitation

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list and if you aren’t sure that your planned activity fits in with the fund outcomes you can contact us to discuss this further.

In question 2.3 we ask you about these activities

We want to know about what you are planning to do and how that will fit into Equally Safe objectives and priorities.

Slide 7: The difference you will make

You have 750 words to explain this in as clear a way as possible so that the assessor understands the actions you are planning and how they are relevant and needed. Obviously in that space you won’t be able to give us specifics about every action you are planning – but you should try to help us understand the type of activities you intend.

For instance

  • are these for individuals or for groups?
  • will they be delivered directly to the women and children you support
  • or to other agencies to allow them to better understand the impact of violence against women and girls.

We understand that the word count can seem limiting and may stop you from sharing everything you want, but remember:

  • Everyone is applying with the same limitations
  • The assessor who reads your application will read all of this section, so you can build up your answers throughout the section – you don’t need to repeat the introduction to your work in each question

Your answer will need to show what the outcome of your activities will be and how this will in turn contribute to one or more of the Equally Safe outcomes and priorities.

Slide 8: So What

In question 2.6 you will be asked to include up to 6 outcomes for your application. We would expect you to have anywhere between 2 and 6 outcomes – six isn’t a target.

These should tell us what difference you are hoping your activities will make and to whom.

Ask yourself, so what? It is not just about the number of events you are holding, or the number of women you will support, but what change you hope to see in them as a result.

Will this change their attitude, their confidence, their understanding, their opportunity to seek employment and be economically independent – whatever the change is that you want, you should create your outcome around this.

YOU know the impact that your actions have – so tell us about them.

Slide 9: Linking Activities and Outcomes

Your planned activities should link to the outcomes that you have set for yourself. There are likely to be many activities that can be grouped together that will have the same intended outcome.

Once you have set your Outcomes, you have up to 100 words in Q2.6 to list the supporting activity that will contribute to this outcome. Again we know that 100 words isn’t a lot but you can use bullet points and lists to help with this.

Slide 10: Linking Outcomes with Equally Safe

Your answers should show how your activities will result in your outcomes and what Equally Safe Outcomes these will contribute to.

Slide 11

In the application form this is a dropdown list so that you can choose all of the Equally Safe Outcomes your outcome relates to without having to add them in.

They should also link to the National Performance Framework outcomes that are relevant for you.

The questions on outcomes are your chance to tell us about the impact you make, the difference this funding will have and how you contribute to the Equally Safe strategy.

Slide 12: Before you submit

Remember before you submit to make sure you’ve answered all the questions you need to and have attached the correct documents. And that you have signed the form and submit before noon on the 28th May.

Slide 13: Thank You

Please remember if you have specific questions around your application you can send a question to us at  or get more information from our website

Thank you.


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